Star's Cat Connection
Heath, OH



Our adoptable cats & kittens are posted on  To see our current list, please click on the following link which will take you directly to our page:

The current adoption fee for a fully vetted cat is $55.  (Price good through December 31, 2020)
The adoption fee for a kitten who has not yet been spayed/neutered is $55 along with a spay/neuter deposit.  The spay/neuter deposit is refunded upon proof of spay/neuter.  (Price good through December 31, 2020)

Once you find the pet you would like to meet and possibly adopt, an adoption application must be filled out to include name, address, phone number, vet reference with phone number, and information regarding other pets in the home, and whether you rent or own (renters must have landlord approval for pets).  The following is our adoption application which can be opened with the following link, filled out, and returned to us.
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